Appointment of the President of Gulf Monetary Council


The Gulf Monetary Council (GMCO) announces the appointment of His Excellency Dr. Raja Bin Monahi Al-Marzoqi Al-Baqmi as President of the GMCO, as from October 1st 2015 (18th Zulhijah 1437). He is the successor of His Excellency Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al-Saad. It is worth mentioning that His Excellency Dr. Raja Bin Monahi Al-Marzoqi Al-Baqmi is a Saudi citizen, holding Ph.D. in Economics; and he had assumed a number of posts, the last of which was an Economic Advisor at the International Monetary Fund. He had also worked as a Plenipotentiary Minister at the Monetary Union Unit of the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council. He has supervised and conducted many studies related to GMCO, apart from undertaking many academic, advisory and supervisory posts.

On this occasion, GMCO's Board of Directors records its great thanks and appreciation to H.E. Dr. Khalid Mohammed Abdullah Al Saad for the outstanding efforts and various contributions made by him during his presidency term of the Executive Organ of GMCO over a three-year period that witnessed the launch of the GMCO's business in the area of institutional and organizational establishment. We wish him very good health and further success. GMCO is also looking forward to making further achievements over the coming period under the presidency of its new President for the development of GMCO's business march for realizing its cherished objectives.​


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