Commencement of the Formation of the Executive Organ of the Gulf Monetary Council (GMCo)

In pursuance of the process of setting up GMCO's Executive Organ, to enable it to achieve the objectives for which it was established, and to support the efforts of GMCO among the member states, GMCO has proceeded with an important step represented by the work to attract a number of competencies of a variety of specializations from the member states to work at GMCO' Headquarters in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by posting an announcement on GMCO's electronic Site.

This step is a crown on GMCO's Board of Directors' efforts during the preceding period for achieving the requirements of the foundational stage and preparing the institutional construction of GMCO, including the administrative, regulatory aspects, and by-laws and regulatory rules. It is worth mentioning that the Board of Directors has decided recently to appoint Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al-s'ad as Chief Executive Officer.  

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