Khaled Ibrahim Humaidan

    Khaled Ibrahim Humaidan Vice Chairman Governor Central Bank of Bahrain

    His Excellency Mr. Khalid Ebrahim Humaidan has been appointed as the Governor of Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) in February 2024. During his professional career, H.E. Khalid Humaidan has held several leadership positions, of which the last was the Chief Executive of Economic Development Board during the period 2019-2023 and a former board member of the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) as well as the Sovereign Wealth Fund “Mumtalakat” in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    Currently His Excellency, in capacity of CBB’s Governor, is also a board member of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Economic Development Board in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in addition to being a board member of several government institutions, local financial authorities, and international organizations. His Excellency has nearly 20 years of banking experience in the field of financial markets and investment, where has previously held several banking positions at BNP Paribas Bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait.

    H.E. Khalid Ebrahim Humaidan holds a Bachelor’s of Business and Economics from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania US, in 1996.