Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Conditions

The Privacy Policy and Conditions stated bellow are part of the usage conditions of the Web Site of the Gulf Monetary Council (GMCO).

Privacy of User's Information

The privacy and protection of your personal information are an important matter for us, in view that GMCO considers your personal information as private and confidential. Hence, efforts are exerted to protect your privacy and provide you with the highest standard of protection. This Policy describes what type of personal information we compile and the way we deal therewith and how to protect it.

Personal Information Security

Suitable and appropriate procedures and measures are performed to protect your personal information that we have in a secure manner that ensures its protection against loss, unauthorized access, misuse, or unauthorized amendment and disclosure. The most important measures followed at GMCO to protect your personal information are:

  • Strict procedures and measures to protect information and technology security that we use to prevent fraud operations and unauthorized access to our systems.
  • Regular and periodic update of protection procedures and controls which meet or exceed banking standards.
  • Our staff are qualified and trained to respect confidentiality of personal information of our visitors.


Protection of Your Privacy

To enable us to assist you in protecting your personal information, we recommend the following:

  • Contact us promptly when you think that somebody was able to obtain your password, usage code, User Id, or any other confidential information.
  • No confidential information shall be provided by telephone or Internet unless the personal Id of the party receiving the piece of information is recognized.


Sending E-mails to GMCO

When you make an enquiry, request information, or in case you give additional information by using any means of electronic or non-electronic communications with GMCO, such as enquiring about our site, we will use your e-mail to respond to your enquiries. It is also possible to save your mail address, your message and our response thereto for quality control purposes. We may also do the same thing for legal and supervisory purposes.

Sharing Information

We may share your personal information related to your transactions with us to the extent permitted by the relevant regulations of Government entities, ministries and agencies.

Maintaining Correct and Accurate Information

It is considered very important to maintain your information, keep it accurate and updated at all times. You may have access to the information of your accounts, including information on contacting you. In case you find any differences in your personal information, please informs us so that we may make any necessary updates or amendments.

Scope of Application of this Policy

This Policy shall apply to all of the customers and users of this Site. The word (GMCO) refers to the Gulf Monetary Council, wherever stated in this policy.

Changes Made to the Policy

We may need to make amendments to GMCO's Policy on the privacy of information. The updated copy shall be kept on GMCO's Web Site.

Obtaining Further Information

In case of further enquiries about this policy, or if further information is required about our procedures for protecting your information, please do not hesitate to contact us.