Annual Report

The annual report provides a summary of the most important economic and financial development in the member countries during the year of the report. In addition, the most important activities carried out by the executive body in the Gulf Monetary Council, foremost of which is pursuing objectives and tasks as set forth in the statute.

The annual report contains three main parts. The first part presents the message from the Board’s Chairman and an overview of the Monetary Council up to the date of issuance of the report. The second part reviews the economic analysis, which includes recent economic developments; macroeconomic outlook based on econometric models; economic convergence between the GCC countries. While the third part discusses the most important achievements carried out during the previous years in accordance to the basic objectives and tasks, as well as the projects implemented by the council within the monetary integration area. The last part also addresses the most prominent challenges facing the Monetary Council in pursuing the basic objectives and tasks as set forth in its statute, and sets out suggestions to address those challenges as seen by the Council.

The annual report is issued in both Arabic and English languages and released on annual basis. The annual reports of the Gulf Monetary Council can be viewed through the following hyperlinks :