Statistics Listing

Inflation Rates and General Price Levels

Recent development of consumer prices indices across Member States show that inflation rates have converged within a moderate range.

Public Finance in 2020

The public finance in Member States had deteriorated sharply in 2020 as result of dual shock originated by COVID-19 pandemic and lower oil prices.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Economic Activity in 2020

In light of mobility restrictions and lower oil prices during 2020, the national accounts in Monetary Union area recorded negative growth rates comparing to previous year

Public Debt in 2020

In light of continuous budget deficit over recent period, the combined public debt of all Member States rose by 12.6 percent amounted to $ 389.9 billion in 2020 and equal to 39.5% of 2020 GDP.

Balance of Payments in 2020

The low oil prices during 2020 had negative adverse on macroeconomic conditions of Member States and especially on external sector, where Oil is the main commodity in exports

Broad Money Supply (M3) in 2020

The domestic liquidity and its components reflected macroeconomic trends in Gulf Monetary Union during 2020, broad money supply (M3) increased moderately by 6.4%